About the office

Research is one of the three major functions of a higher institution of learning. Recognizing the importance of this function, the university established the Office of Research and Development in the 1980s. To undertake research on various disciplines and generate new knowledge needed for the advancement of the university as well for the national development is one of the institutional objectives of the university. To achieve excellence in the area of research is a core value of the university.

Major Functions

The primary tasks of the office include the:
(1) the promulgation of research policies, guidelines, and procedures.
(2) the implementation of institutional research agenda.
(3) the planning and implementation of programs for the enhancement of faculty and students’ research competencies.
(4) the production and dissemination of research outputs, among others.


The Office of Research and Development is one of the departments under the Office of Vice President for Academics. It is manned by qualified and competent professionals.


The university envisions an academic university with a passion for research that will respond to local, national, and global concerns and demands to improve the quality of life of human beings and their environment. To achieve this vision, the university will utilize effectively and efficiently all its available resources in the conduct of relevant researches to contribute to the production or discovery of new knowledge and to development for the improvement of the quality of life.


There are four research clusters in the university, namely, the Business Cluster (COA and CBA), the Health and Biomedical Cluster (CNPHM and CMAMP), the Technology Cluster (CIT and CEA), the Education, Sciences and Humanities Cluster, (CAS, COED, and COC), and the Graduate School CLuster.